Oh well...The Book was delivered at 10 am. Been stuck in my mailbox since 10. Stupid me. See you in about..I guess 7 hours?

*retreat to my HPverse*

Andy Warhol

For those who are still asking why. My suggestion is wait and see. In the meantime, go read about appropriation and postmodernism. It probably would explain the phenomenon.

*eats popcorn*
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I thought it's fitting to post on this important day

So The Draco Trilogy finally ended and I am feeling bittersweet to have finally read 'The End'. It is truly a perfect ending. I would never have it any other way but part of me never want to leave the DT universe. Now I'd like send champagne and black roses to everyone in the trilogy fandom who is probably celebrating this day as well--especially those in The Midnight Club. *waves* We've come a long way haven't we? I have to say that one of the best things about reading the Draco Trilogy is meeting you all, wonderfully talented people, and spending restless nights waiting, speculating and waiting again.

*sheds happy tear*

I'm feeling awfully nostalgic today...definitely wanting to know how you guys are feeling about the end (finally!).
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Just got myself an iPod

I finally succumbed to the temptation and got myself an iPod. It's a 20 gig one with $15 iTunes prepaid and a Griffin FM Radio transmitter for $230 at Amazon (thanks to Ben's Bargains). I have to admit that it's a rather impulsive buying on my part. >___<
My initial plan was to get a 40 GB one because I desperately need the portable storage--not for the MP3s actually, but more for my graphic design files. My 128 MB flash drive is no longer sufficient for the humongous print files that I'm handling, especially now I'm doing a lot of posters for my independent study program.

So yeah, I am an officially hip art student now. :P
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Haha, Mr. Blair acknowledged it!

Q8. Miss Anne Begg: Now that the summer recess is almost upon us, will my right hon. Friend have time to do what millions of people did this weekend and read the new Harry Potter novel by Scotland's most successful writer? What would he say to people who have been critical of those books, especially as they have done more to improve literacy and children's enjoyment of reading than even this Government's excellent education policies and everything that I did in 19 years as an English teacher?

The Prime Minister: The Harry Potter brief in my file is somewhat thin, which only shows that my officials' sense of importance is not what it should be. I was told by someone, however, that in the first chapter of the new book the Minister of Magic comes out of a picture to confront the Prime Minister. I am still searching for the Minister.
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